Henningsen & Co. is a luxury beauty brand specializing in enhancing a woman’s intrinsic beauty through modern aesthetic and signature designs founded by world-renowned artist and designer Trace Henningsen. A company founded over a century ago in Denmark, has influenced Henningsen's vision and continues these values of authentic quality when curating the brand.

An effortless approach guides Trace Henningsen as she explores every style, from classic to editorial, while her outstanding work ethic and outgoing personality have made her an industry favorite. Henningsen originally began working on accessories as a way to compliment her signature hairstyles for her celebrity, red carpet, and bridal clientele and now is able to share her passion for all things related to hair and a sense for modern beauty with a much wider audience. The ready-to-wear line features innovative designs with exceptional craftsmanship. Each piece is handcrafted with elegance, style, and versatility in mind to allow the modern woman to feel calm, composed, and inspired to bring forth her timeless beauty in everyday moments.