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The Classic Collection is a luxury double-faced velvet bow. Hand-tied and set on a clip, this elegant bow provides versatility and ease for the modern woman on the go.

The design was largely inspired by the iconic beauty Brigitte Bardot, who defined an era with her French glamour and timeless sex appeal. Initially created for the Ramirez Tran Salon as part of an intimate holiday collection, the bow quickly became a sought-out staple.

Designer Trace Henningsen recognized that the bow's overwhelming popularity could be credited to the way it made a woman feel when she wore it, adding an instant touch of femininity with the utmost ease. Created while Trace was pursuing her master's degree in London, THE CLASSIC marks the first collection for Henningsen and Co's ready-to-wear line. Trace truly believes that every woman needs a staple bow in her collection, and bows are readily available for purchase online in a variety of colors.